Tree of Life inspired tree wired to an oval shaped frame. This tree has 3D summer leaves on both sides of the frame ensuring the sculpture looks just as good from both sides when hung in a window or outside from a branch or pergola. Created with aluminium wire so lightweight, easy to hang and will not rust, making this piece suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor use. (Aluminium exposed to the elements will develop a whitish patina that will enhances the piece beautifully.)


Approximate frame measurements:

Height: 9" or 23 cm
Width: 6" or 15 cm
Depth: 3" or 7.5 cm


The wire work overlaps the frame by approximately 1-2"


A gorgeous 3D piece of art that would complement both a traditional or contemporary home or garden.


Please message me if you would like a piece that is 3D on one side only to hang against a wall.

Garden Decoration, Wire Tree of Life, Hooped Wire Art