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Hi, I’m Amanda a wire work artist based in South Wales. I have been creating wire work jewellery and sculptures for some time now, working from my home studio in Caerphilly.

I love creating anything from wire with the occasional hand forged component and specialise in wire sculptures and copper wire weaved jewellery. I also run classes and wire workshops that I hope to continue once government restrictions are lifted fully.

My work can be found exhibited in local galleries,  in my online shop and regularly attends local handmade and artisan events. 



About Amanda's work

Amanda enjoys exploring the use of new techniques to apply to her work, often creating one off and unique pieces of jewellery and wire art. Below are just some of the techniques used in her work.

Fold Forming

Fold forming is a metal work technique invented by Charles Lewton-Brain. Metal is folded, forged and annealed repeatedly then opened to create beautiful 3 dimensional shapes.  I use this technique to create cuff bangles and components for my jewellery as well as decorative items for the home.

Wire Wrapping

Wire wrapping is an ancient technique used to encase a decorative item with wire alone and no soldering.  I use this technique to create structural pieces, binding multiple wires to create bangle bracelets and to frame precious and semi precious stones.  You will also see this technique used to add detail to some of my metal work.

Copper Etching

Etching is a techinque where a protective barrier is applied to a piece of metal. I like to apply this barrier as a hand drawn design, usually on copper.  You will find this technique used on many of my cuff bracelets.  The whole piece is then treated in a chemical solution which cuts into the unprotected parts, resulting in a beautiful unique textured piece.

Flame Painting

When copper is exposed to oxygen and heat it changes colour. When heated, copper passes through a series of colour changes before becoming almost black.  Flame painting is a technique used to control and capture these colours. A naked flame is brushed across the surface of the copper leaving beautiful colourful art on the surface of the piece.  This technique can be quite unpredictable and influenced by environmental conditions.

Wire Art

Wire art is heavily associated with Zimbabwe, where beads, wire and recyclable metal are used to craft sculptures.   I presently use this technique to create sculptures, using multiple strands of wire which are twisted using techniques that eliminate the need to solder. 

Viking Knit

Trichinopoly chain or Viking knit is an ancient art which probably originated in Scandinavia.  The technique uses a single strand of wire to knit decorative trims and chains. Although this technique is time consuming, I personally love the look of a Viking knit chain in artisan jewellery designs. 

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